DK5YA - JN49nx - 4x9 M-square

Who is DK5YA?


I'm a VHF-enthusiast since 1964. At the age of 6 I was seriously searching for the miracles of broadcast inside my parents brand new HiFi system using a screwdriver and the big solder gun I found at my fathers shack desk. Nice surprise for whole family: neither small green guys from Mars inside the radio nor sound out of the speaker anymore...

In 1980 I got my first license, DG4NAE, a new solder and few screwdrivers also...of course. In 1983 I became DH8NAA. Since 15. May 1998 I am DK5YA. In August 2006 we went to a new QTH, still in JN49nx right on the border to JO40na, out of the town on the countryside. Now I'm at 400 meters a.s.l. with a clear view and a superb take-off all around.
To see a panoramic 360 deg. view of my new QTH and take-off click here.

Radio is my business, I'm a Broadcast-Journalist at Hessischer Rundfunk in Frankfurt/M., part of the Broadcast Net ARD [Radio and TV] in Germany. I'm also member of DF0HR, Hessischer Rundfunk Clubstation.

Recent rig [summer 2021]:
#1 ELECRAFT K3S with HA1YA Dual RX transverter and homebrew adaptive dual RX system for 144MHz, LDMOS SSPA
#2 ELECRAFT K3 (S) for 6 and 4mtrs. with Transverter by HA1YA and LDMOS amp with BLF188XR
K3 (S) for shortwave

In spring 2021 I decided to give up 23cm after 3 years with my homebrew 3mtr. mesh dish due to continous radar QRM.

YAESU FT817 backup for transverters

SDR RSP2pro [MAP65 et al]

Several spare VHF/UHF rigs

All LNA's by HA8ET (144/70 MHz) and VHF-Design (23cm)

Antennas are
6 el. Yagi YU1CF on 50 MHz
7 el. Yagi YU1CF on 70 MHz
4 times 22 el. X-Pol yagis for 144 EME MHz by . Adaptive RX and continous circular TX. See the scheme here.
3 meter mesh dish on 1296 MHz with septum feed by rf-hamdesign (QRT spring 2021)
90cm dish for 10 GHz (QRT)
45 cm dish on 24 GHz (not in the air at present)
Wires and verticals for shortwave
Two times Flammex Pull 12 mtr. towers made by Frick.

4 times 9 element M² 4 times 9 element M²
Old 4 times 9 el. Mē @ 12 mtrs. from 1998 until 2014 Old 4 times 9 el. M² @ 12 mtrs. from 1998 until 2014 Old 4 times 9 el. M² @ 12 mtrs. from 1998 until 2014 pointing east
Click images below to enlarge!
4 times 18 el. XPol by DF7KF @ 12 mtrs. from April 2014 , sold 2016 New 4 times 22 el. XPol by M² @ 12 mtrs. from September 2016 New 4 times 22 el. XPol by M² @ 12 mtrs. from September 2016
LDMOS 144 MHz SSPA SV9/DK5YA June 1998
144 PA with 4x MRFE6VP61K25H LDMOS SV9/DK5YA June 1998 10 GHz transverter boxed [enlarge]
Front: 50/432/10GHz/ Rear: old 144 MHz 10 GHz dish/50 MHz 5el./432 MHz 25el. Both towers@12 mtrs. high (2008)
Left 144 MHz, right 50/432/10 GHz
in 2008
Antennas beaming north (2008) Tower #1 erected 2006/Tower #2 in 2008
3m mesh dish 23cm 144 and 23
3 mtr. mesh dish 23cm Mesh dish and 4x22Xpols 90 cm 10 GHz dish - now QRT