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The new VO1ZA Transatlantic Beacon 144.400 - GN37js

VO1ZA Transatlantic Beacon
The beacon is recently out of order due to interference problems.

The Marconi Radio Club of Newfoundland and the Baccalieu Amateur Radio Club of Carbonear have been successful in placing a VHF Transatlantic beacon on the air. The beacon is transmitting on 144.400MHz. The transmitter 250 W PA is the same one previously used by VE1SMU beacon. The VHF exciter board and the CW ID board have been built by Joe Craig VO1NA. The 11 element Cushcraft yagi, 1/2 inch hardline feeder and 35 amp power supply to run the beacon have been donated by Frank VO1HP. The yagi and feeder were installed by Boyd VO1CBS, Roy VO1XP and Joe VO1NA on August 30, 2003. The repeater site is in the middle of a large field at a turkey farm!!....and it has a clear view of the North Atlantic ocean through the mouth of Conception Bay on the South East coast of VO1 land. It is in the town of Carbonear at co-ordinates N47 45'24" W53 12'59" [GN37js] with the antenna is at about 300' (90m) ASL.

Transatlantic VHF beacon VO1ZA was placed on the air October 19, 2003 at 1330UTC on 144.400Mhz by Frank VO1HP and Boyd VO1CBS. The beacon is sponsored by the Marconi Radio Club of Newfoundland and the Baccaleiu Amateur Radio Klub. All beacon co-ordinates and information previously released to the public are still valid. Any amateur station who claims to have heard this beacon are asked to send reports via e-mail to either vo1hp@rac.ca or vo1na@rac.ca. Please describe what you have heard and if possible the complete information being transmitted by the beacon."

Nov. 3. 2001: Strong Tropo opening in Europe and a tropo link across the Atlantic Ocean to Stateside? Read more...
Transatlantische Funkverbindungen auf 144 MHz by DF5AI, [more] (German language *.pdf document)
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Discussion of the May 20. 2003 Sporadic E opening. By DF5AI and DK5YA. This is a *.pdf document of big size, more than 2 MBytes.
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NASA scientists are using unmanned aircraft to explore the invisible electric and magnetic fields of thunderstorms.
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August 08. 2003:
New IARU Region 1 Tropo record on 432 MHz: G0FYD, IO83ls with EA8BPX, IL18sk: 3025 km U